Feedback from 2018 participants

"The leadership retreat was a safe positive space to have clear thinking, learn new skills have fun and meet great people. The surroundings and treatments on offer added to the overall experience. I have come away feeling optimistic and uplifted. I just wanted to say a huge thank you last week. It was energising, challenging and therapeutic at the same time."

Assistant Director NHS Trust - 2018

"Part of being a leader includes taking care of colleagues, and in the day to day hurly burly of the job we often forget to look after ourselves. If we are going to develop and thrive as leaders, it is essential we take time out and invest in some focused CPD. The Retreat provided an opportunity to spend time with peers who share similar leadership challenges, in an invigorating, creative and supportive learning environment which proved to be both rewarding and life affirming. If you do one thing for yourself as leader this year…do this."

University Academic - 2018

"The accommodation was fantastic, really comfortable and clean. Although I am not vegetarian, the food was superb and so much of it! I would recommend it as an opportunity to step of the wheel and have space to look at where you are and where you want to be, and how you might achieve that. It is also a fabulous networking opportunity. I have to say I had so much fun! The whole week was amazing. I learnt so much and see things in a very different way."

Senior Nurse - 2018

"Thank you for the opportunity to experience the personal benefits of 'making time to think' as well as the privilege to witness the impact on others. We were connected on a level that's subtle and often under appreciated - thank you for creating those moments."

Independent Health Consultant - 2018

"It was an inspiring, engaging and uplifting week. It was also educative and illuminating. The opportunity to immerse myself for a whole week in thinking, learning and reflecting on the theme of leadership was too good to miss, and I am extremely glad that I invested the time. I would recommend the SLR to anyone who wants to explore, hone and build their self mastery, regardless of whether they directly manage people. The days quickly took on a familiar and enjoyable rhythm, which included enough free time to enjoy the truly beautiful environment and facilities. The opportunity to book individual coaching sessions with the course tutors, along with group work and the introduction of visiting teachers during the week was inspired, and made the whole package extremely good value. I would highly recommend it, I am deploying daily the lessons I learned and both my husband and my team have said I’m the better for it!"

NHS Chief Executive - 2019

"I had real reservations in attending the SLR but after only a few short hours in the company of the facilitators and the fantastic group of people I was with, I felt completely caught up in the course and excited about what would come next. At the end of the week I would have liked to have stayed longer! I pushed through some really personal barriers and felt that I would be able to take that back to both my professional and personal life it facilitated some real changes in how I see myself and how to implement the outcomes I found for myself and with others on the course."

Senior Leader, Bromley by Bow Centre - 2019

"This is a lovely course, rich in value and deeply enjoyable. The three co-organisers each bring substantial and wide expertise and experience but this is far more than a standard leadership course. The leisurely pacing encourages time for reflection as well as nourishing other parts of the soul: from the wonderful vegetarian food, the daily meditation, yoga and ‘creative sessions’. The tone of the course is set by the organisers: warm, friendly, open and insightful. This course formed the perfect accompaniment to a major career transformation for me, and I know that my experience was shared by others. I see it as a course that can change the trajectory of a career, as well as providing huge enrichment and enlightenment. I recommend it wholeheartedly."

Senior Doctor, Academic & Writer - 2019