About the Retreat

“The current understanding of work-life balance is too simplistic. People find it hard to balance work with family,family with self, because it might not be a question of balance.Some other dynamic is in play, something to do with a very human attempt at happiness that does not quantify different parts of life and then set them against one another. We are collectively exhausted because of our inability to hold competing parts of ourselves together in a more integrated way. These hidden human dynamics of integration are more of a conversation, more of a synthesis and more of an almost religious and sometimes almost delirious quest for a meaning than a simple attempt at daily ease and contentment.”

David Whyte (2009) The Three Marriages. Re-imagining Work, Self and Relationship.


As coaches, we are often asked by individuals to help them address work-life balance issues. Usually this is because people are simply exhausted and find themselves questioning any sense of 'meaning' or purpose in what they are doing.  Working in our health and care services, can be a tough job. Sometimes you are working so hard you lose sight of what you are good at, why you are doing what you do, and how you could do things differently and better - if only you could stop for a moment and think.


Our Spring Leadership Retreat comprises a 7 day leadership development programme within a retreat setting. It offers you the chance to step out for a week, draw breath, re-energise and rediscover your creativity and sense of identity as a leader. In David Whyte’s words, this is about developing your integrated self. It's a wonderful opportunity to consider your future direction, particularly in terms of your ambition and career and what your next steps may be.


The retreat runs from Saturday to Saturday in a beautiful estate in Andalucía, southern Spain, and has been designed to help you rediscover your purpose and energy, and build resilience to tackle the leadership challenges you face at work. You will be immersed in a unique learning environment in which you will explore how to re-engage your passion for leading and improving health and care services in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.


As experienced facilitators in personal, organisational and leadership development, we will offer a blend of workshops and group work, individual coaching, and reflective space to help you think about how you might take up your leadership and authority differently, create more impact and influence, and improve the way you hold together the competing parts of your lives.


We offer all of this together with good food and drink, optional daily sessions of yoga, meditation and comfortable accommodation (all with ensuite facilities), a swimming pool, mountain walks and other recreational pursuits. Average temperatures in the region are 22 - 25°C in the month of May.



The retreat will run from 16 - 23 May 2020.


Who is this for?


We invite applications from leaders in health and social care working in the public, private and third sector;   -clinicians, managers, directors, executives and non-executives within the UK and Irish health and social care services.